Section Tool building
Tool building


MTD has been designing and building dies since its inception. We are capable of building progressive, hand transfer and mechanical transfer tooling in our facility. We build to run in our own presses as well as to our customers’ press specifications.

Our tool build area is one of the largest in Mississauga. Our tool room is fully equipped with CNC and Wire machines as well as a myriad of other standard and specialized equipment. We are capable of completing jobs of all sizes and specifications. In addition to conventional stamping tooling, our tool room also produces mechanical/quality fixtures, weld fixtures, customized machine tooling and prototypes.

Our tool room is capable of building 12-16 medium sized progressive tools at any given time. We have experience and expertise in managing many more tool builds locally and across North America. MTD is proud to be a part of North America’s tooling legacy and this pride is on display with our workmanship and die quality.

Section Metal stamping
Metal stamping


MTD has more than 40 years of stamping experience. We have completed thousands of projects for a wide number of industries. Our presses range in tonnage from 32t through 800t and bed sizes of up to 144’. MTD can create virtually any sheet metal stamped product.

MTD possesses the expertise to manage production platforms of all types and sizes; we are currently running short-run and prototype projects as well as high volume, multiyear production programs of components that are in excess of 10 millions parts per year.

To maximize production efficiency, MTD utilizes custom MRP scheduling and inventory control software, modern and standardized press control systems, and the latest in servo feeding and in die sensing technology. We also have a comprehensive predictive and preventive maintenance program in place to keep our presses running optimally.

Section Powder Coating
Powder Coating


MTD supplies powder coated parts for a wide variety of industries and applications. Our products can be found on automotive exteriors and interiors, appliances, home décor products, consumer electronics and many other products.

We are equipped to handle Nylon, Polyurethane, Polyester and Epoxy powders in any variety of colors and clear coats.

MTD is known for its “Class A” Automotive Surface finishes.

Our automated process consists of a wash & pretreatment, dry off oven, 6-gun oscillating paint booth, and cure oven. Parts are carried through each station by a conveyor system which is set to the optimal speed to provide the required paint coverage. Each station is carefully monitored and controlled statistically to ensure consistent quality.

Section Electro mechanical
Electro mechanical


MTD produces a wide range of electro mechanical assemblies supplying customer requirements in a variety of industries.

MTD is capable of creating custom assembly designs, as well as working with customer supplied designs. We also offer CAD modeling and part (component) procurement as services.

Our capabilities include:

  • Prototyping / Low Volume Production
  • Large Quantity Production
  • Sub-System Assembly
  • Full System Assembly
  • Testing and Evaluation
  • Just in Time Delivery
Section Welded Assembly
Welded Assembly


Our welding department includes manual, MIG, TIG, Automated and Robotic weld centers. Our facility is stocked with state of the art equipment including:

  • Manual Weld Centers
  • Automated Weld Cells
  • Spot Welding Machinery
  • Nut Feeders
  • Robotic Weld Cells
  • Weld Destruction and Quality Lab

MTD is equipped to provide high volume welded assemblies, high volume sub assemblies, nut welding, spot welding and many other types of production welding. MTD also has the capability to complete low volume and specialized welding projects. We have completed a number of prototype projects and we have built customized machine tooling applications which have been used to streamline our own manufacturing processes.